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Photo of two cats becomes Finished painting of those two cats

Photo of a dog becomes Finished painting of that dog

How to Order:
Photos: I paint my interpretation of your pet from photographs. The more photographs the better, and 3 at a minimum! I prefer eye-level photographs, and with good lighting! No more black dogs photographed in the dark--it's waaay too hard for me to see details! I end up painting a picture of "a" dog rather than a painting of "your" dog. You can send me photos either via email or snail mail, whichever is easier for you. Please email me for my mailing address.

If you feel there are specific colors which would best compliment your decor, please let me know. We can talk about what you are looking for, if something specific. Or if you feel your dog has beautiful almond shaped eyes, rather than round eyes, please let me know--this is important! The most important detail is the eyes, and if you have a strong feeling about this, please let me know ahead of time. In the end, I’ll work to use some of your ideas but cannot always incorporate all of them.

Time Frame: If I am inspired by something I see in your photographs, I might have your painting done within two weeks. If I am drawing a blank about something (what the background will look like, for example), I may ask for additional photographs. Sometimes I need to mull your photos over for a while before I hit on a good idea. Between thinking, painting, drying, and shipping, you can expect a minimum of 3 weeks, and perhaps longer if I have a waiting list. If it's close to Christmas and you need it for a gift, please start asking me in October, if not August! I get a whole lot of requests just before Christmas and I want to be sure to have your painting done in time!

Shipping prices are based on weight and distance, and will be mailed through US Priority mail, with insurance included. Shipping prices vary between $10 and $18.

I reserve all copyright and reproduction rights to the finished painting. You will be the owner of the original, but if I choose to make a print in the future, the copyright remains mine.

Any questions? Please email me.

Prices below are for one subject per canvas, whether dog, cat, rabbit, etc. A second subject on the same canvas will be an additional $30. I ask for 1/3 of the final price up front, as a good-will fee. This protects me if you have a change of heart halfway through the project! If, when I have the painting completed, you decide you do not like it, I will try to accommodate minor changes. Realistically, the interpretation I come up with will probably not be exactly what you envision because I am not a mind-reader--I ask some flexibility on your part. If after I have attempted minor changes you still decide you do not like the painting, I keep the 1/3 partial payment, and you are not obligated to pay the remaining 2/3. Dollar amounts stated are in US dollars.

Prices in US Dollars
Canvas Size Price
8" x 10" $45
12" x 12" $100
11" x 14" $100
12" x 16" $115
Canvas Size Price
12" x 24" $149
16" x 20" $149
18" x 24" $200

I do not always have all canvas sizes on hand and might need to order one for you, so if time is of the essence let me know! Those listed above are the sizes I do try to always have at least one on hand, and sometimes I will have more other sizes, too.

Other Questions??? Please email me.